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The Fresno Area Self-Insurance Benefits Organization (FASBO) was formed in 1982 and is now called the EdCare Group. The purpose of the EdCare Group has always been to provide the best value in the Central Valley for self-funded medical, dental and vision group benefits and retain control over the plans to assure their long-term financial stability and competitiveness. Member Districts and their employees have benefited immeasurably from the EdCare Group. Success has been achieved in large part because Member Districts have similar core values, goals and objectives.


Several schools districts joined together over 25 years ago to provide group medical, dental and vision benefits for their employees. The Joint Powers Authority continues to be managed by Member Districts and Barthuli & Associates and provides the most competitive benefits and rates to schools in the Central Valley. The current Member Districts consist of State Center Community College District, Fowler Unified School District and Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District.




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